Royal Society International Scientific Seminar

4th/5th March 2013


For nearly two decades the Drosophila tracheal system has been studied and proclaimed as an ideal model for branching morphogenesis. There are morphological, developmental, physiological and molecular similarities to vertebrate lung development, to the vasculature and even the kidneys. But how are these similarities perceived outside the fly world? What do researchers involved in vertebrate developmental biology think?

This workshop aims bringing representatives from these communities together to explore concrete and philosophical questions, to get to know each other and identify opportunities for complementation and collaboration.

You are invited by the Royal Society. Participation, accommodation and all dinners are free of charge. We can reimburse UK train travel for all participants, and make a contribution towards international airfares.


The Drosophila tracheal system: Still a good model or is it time to move on?

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