Royal Society URF Conference 2014

RSA lot of the freedom that I have in my work (pursuing research in fly developmental biology, computational studies on bacterial gene regulation, and even my application of microelectronics for teaching purposes) comes from being a Royal Society University Research Fellow (URF). These fellowships give scientists between five and, under exceptional circumstances, ten years to build up a research programme, with a lot of flexibility when it comes to the nature of the work. In fact, URFs can even retrieve voluntary training in media communication, innovation and business, or policy making.

Two years ago the Royal Society has started a now biannual gathering of URFs. This year I was co-organiser of the event that saw eight keynote speakers from a wide range of topics from earth sciences to black holes to genome regulation. The echo of the conference is still visible under #urfcon14 on Twitter. Go check it out and contact any of the speakers if you find their work interesting!

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