New publication

noise_thumbOur manuscript “The effects of transcription factor competition on gene regulation“  was just published in Frontiers in Systems Biology in the special issue on The origins of biological noise after a whooping 36 days between first submission and acceptance. We discuss the influence of TF abundance on the arrival time of TFs on their target sites as well as the time they stay bound to the DNA. There is an “emerging property” in cases where many molecules compete in some sort of molecular traffic jam on the DNA. This noise component may be a contributor to transcriptional noise, which we found pretty interesting.

There’s a bit of a prelude to this paper. We first published it on arXiv in late March, followed by an odyssey through a handful of journals. We were one inch close to not publishing the story at all, but encouragement from the community helped us to overcome the motivational low and push for publication elsewhere. Thank you!

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