Summer student studies


Over the past few weeks we have been joined by a handful of summer students: Armin Schöch (MPhil student in Computational Biology), Busra Erarslan (Erasmus student from Turkey) and Juliet Handsaker (Amgen Scholar from University of Warwick).

Summer students are an exciting business. They’re usually in the lab for too short a while to tackle a full blown project, but we tend to only accept them when they’re actually too good to just be shadowing our other group members. So the compromise is to put them on small but risky pilot experiments that are mostly open ended and very much “blue sky”, and often these works are related but not in the very core of our research. One example of a very fruitful summer visit is Alicia Schep’s work that was just published in PLoS ONE (see post below).

This summer, Armin will be working with Radu Zabet on potential origins of transcriptional noise. Busra is part of a collaboration with Kathryn Lilley‘s group and together with her team will be looking into unequally distributed mRNAs in the cell. And last not least, Juliet will be compiling a catalogue of tracheal gene expression from various sources of evidence.

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