Cambridge Sequencing Informatics Meeting 5


It’s the time of the year again. For the 5th time we’re inviting practitioners in the field (those who mangle NGS data) to come and discuss issues they’re encountering in their work. If you’re in the Cambridge area, please come join us in this free meeting on Monday, 15th April 2013 from 9-5.30 in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Wilberforce Road, CB3 OWA). Registration is now open.

We’re trying out a new interactive format for this meeting. While there will be a panel-led review of recent advances in the field and short technical talks from manufacturers, as well as a scientific key note (this year by Daniel Gaffney on transcriptional variation in stem cells) at the end of the day, most of the meeting will be relying on your contributions. Everyone is invited (in fact, very strongly encouraged!!!) to formulate 1-2 questions, comments or hints on the analysis of next-generation sequencing data and send them to us on We’re then trying to group these contributions and work through them during the sessions in this meeting, hopefully yielding interactive discussions where everyone will contribute. Don’t be afraid. Nobody is ‘an expert’, even 5-8 years down the road we’re all still learning. So come, give it a shot!

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