Paper Odyssey

(quick apology to my readers – I can’t seem to convince WordPress to consider my paragraph settings) In March there was a buzz in our lab. After a long period of number crunching, finally we were able to provide the first biological interpretation of data coming out of our GRiP stochastic simulator, shedding light [...]

Public engagement starts with your (distant) peers

I don’t enjoy going to large scientific conferences.

They usually cost a lot of money, both in terms of registration fees as well as the exorbitant hotel rates at international conference centres. There are better ways to spend a research budget. There are so many people to engage with, so there is just [...]

On the origin of species… …and what it has to do with me.

I surely do believe in evolution. It’s a scientific fact. And I take pride in teaching my children the reptile- and bird-like features of Archaeopteryx when we go to the museum, something that just blew me away with fascination when I was a student at university and was taught convincing proof of the [...]

The sustainability of bioinformatics niche solutions

For about a week or so our Drosophila transcription factor database FlyTF was broken: The CSS needed for rendering the site lives on a separate machine which suffered from some obscure Apache problem. Not a big deal, one might think. The problem is IT support. For Julie from the InterMine team and our [...]