New publication

Our paper A Comparative Analysis of Transcription Factor Expression during Metazoan Embryonic Development by Alicia Schep and myself is finally out in PLoS ONE. This work was our first “experiment” that we put out on arXive before embarking on final publication in a peer-reviewed journal. This will probably also tell you something about [...]

Two new articles on ArXiv: Facilitated diffusion

We are happy to announce the submission of two new articles to arXiv prior to publication in peer-reviewed open access journals:

arXiv:1303.6793: The effects of transcription factor competition on gene regulation

arXiv:1303.6869: The influence of transcription factor competition on the relationship between occupancy and affinity

New publication

Every now and then we’re getting involved in areas that are not our main expertise, but where our technical skills are useful. Here, we collaborated with J├╝rgen Brieger’s lab at the University Hospital of Mainz (Germany) on the correlation between VEGF expression and various tumour characteristics in vestibular schwannomas. Interesting only for a small community [...]