Minimal updates

June 2015 – Paper published: Chromatin signatures at Notch-regulated enhancers reveal large-scale changes in H3K56ac upon activation.

Boris speaks as Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute at EclipseCon on 25th June 2015.

Boris speaks at ISMB Regulatory Genomics session on 11th July 2015.

August 2015 – Paper published: Reliable scaling of position weight matrices for [...]

ADRYAN lab is closing.

Boris Adryan has moved on… (see About). That means: Please don’t send me any more applications to work here, please don’t ask me to review your paper, etc.

High-performance computing for bioinformatics

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a workshop along the lines of “high performance computing and bioinformatics” by people from The Genome Analysis Centre (yes, that’s TGAC). I agreed to join, thinking I was going to learn how to run jobs on their top-notch resources, in contrast to the [...]

Software Sustainability Fellowship

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve been elected one of 19 Fellows of the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI). The SSI is a virtual institute funded by the EPSRC with the mission of supporting scientific software. Fellows from all over the UK, both from academia and industry, advocate best practices in software [...]

New publication

Our manuscript “Estimating binding properties of transcription factors from genome-wide binding profiles” has now been accepted in Nucleic Acids Research. For more scientific background, see the blog post about the pre-published in arXiv version.

It was a long, painful uphill battle to get this piece published. But it was also one [...]

Dealing with the loss of a group member

Our friend and colleague Edward Kinrade suddenly died last month. He had been instrumental for the growth of the Adryan group over six years, taking care of all lab management duties and the training of students at the wet bench.

I wrote a small series of blog posts how we [...]

New publication

After about four years in the making, we’ve finally published our paper “A combination of computational and experimental approaches identifies DNA sequence constraints associated with target site binding specificity of the transcription factor CSL” (the title, I know!!!). Please find the PDF here.

This has been an exciting journey. About four [...]

Another big donation from ARM

The Game-of-Life is an example of cellular automata, a conceptual framework that is inspired by the interaction of living cells in a confined space over time. Computer science students learn about Conway’s classic game because it teaches them about Turing completeness, biology students may learn about it as an introduction into discrete [...]

Last bits of Boris’ PhD published!

Better late than never, one might think. Once upon a time when I spent time in Tien Hsu’s lab, back in 2001 at the Medical University of South Carolina, I conducted a 2-hybrid experiment with the fly von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor suppressor. Amongst a few other candidates, we found the nm23 tumour suppressor [...]

New article on arXiv: TF copy number estimation

We are very happy to announce the submission of another article to arXiv prior to publication in a peer-reviewed open access journal:

arXiv:1404.5544: Estimating transcription factor abundance and specificity from genome-wide binding profiles

This is a rather curious story, as we had actually been working on something else! If [...]