Boris’ IoT blog posts moved…

Well, they may still be here, but Boris’ IoT blog posts and tinker experiments are now available at

Hosted Node-RED without budget

This blog post about Node-RED has moved:

How to make a battery last forever…

This blog post about power saving has moved:

Introduction to the Internet-of-Things with Know Cards

This blog post about Know Cards has moved:

Using SunSprite like an IoT device

This blog post about SunSprite and Node-RED has moved:

Deploying a website on IBM Bluemix

This blog post about deploying a simple website on IBM Bluemix has moved:

Adafruit PiTFT in headless mode

This blog post about the Adafruit PiTFT and Node-RED has moved:

Triggering Node-RED events with drawings

Yesterday I visited PrimeConf and, while entertaining my daughter with free biscuits, had a chance to talk to people from Bareconductive and Aestheticodes. At first I didn’t even look at Astheticodes, not quite knowing what watercolour images of carps have to do with… …anything, really. However, when Tony explained the principle behind their [...]

Play Minecraft via MQTT and Node-RED

As man flu stopped me from doing any “meaningful work” this weekend, I took the opportunity to have a play with the Minecraft Python API for the Raspberry Pi, especially since on Saturday I’ve had a refresher course at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (CamJam) with the very Craig Richardson, who maintains a great [...]

Ciseco ARF/XRF Range Test

Ever since I started using Ciseco XRF radio modules for wireless communication, I’ve been fascinated by the possibility to connect even remote corners of the house to the internet; areas where we have neither power sockets nor WiFi coverage. The theoretical range of the 868 MHz signal reaches into the kilometres under ideal [...]