Boris’ IoT blog posts moved…

Well, they may still be here, but Boris’ IoT blog posts and tinker experiments are now available at

Hosted Node-RED without budget

This blog post about Node-RED has moved:

How to make a battery last forever…

This blog post about power saving has moved:

Introduction to the Internet-of-Things with Know Cards

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Using SunSprite like an IoT device

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Writing therapy – Part III

This one should be called: When the Cloud bites you in the arse.

When I hear the term “digital nomad”, I oftentimes associate that with the modern scientist: The times are over when science was done in a cosy laboratory, and research notes were written into a big heavy book by [...]

Writing therapy – Part II

In my previous post, I wrote about communicating the death of our lab manager (LM) to my research group. As I already pointed out, he was very central to my lab’s organisation and instrumental in implementing the research I’m directing.

A very good and constructive conversation with my Head of Department [...]

Writing therapy – Part I

You should see an empty page for the first hour when words failed me on the things I wanted to describe.

Purely factually speaking, my employee #1, lab manager and friend suddenly died this week.

I’m experiencing this situation in many different ways. Me and another friend were the [...]

Deploying a website on IBM Bluemix

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Adafruit PiTFT in headless mode

This blog post about the Adafruit PiTFT and Node-RED has moved: